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About Diamond


Our journey as a small creative duo started in 2015. It was after the closure of a beloved design firm where Cassie, one half of our team, had been working. At that pivotal moment, we decided to strike out on our own and thus, Diamond Creative Studio was born.

Our Team

Cassie Amond

Graphic Designer & Web Developer

Wâciye! I am Cassie, a Cree/Assinibione/settler living in beautiful Bawating known as Sault Ste. Marie. As a multifaceted creative, I have a wealth of skills that span from illustration to handmade crafts, to digital creations such as logos, branding, and web development. I pride myself on being a versatile artist who thrives on diversity, which is why I enjoy taking on a wide range of projects.

My passion for creating extends well beyond my work: I also love learning more about my Indigenous heritage and collaborating with other Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. I believe in the power and importance of representation, especially for those within traditionally underrepresented communities. This is why I prioritize working with such communities in my projects. I thoroughly enjoy exploring and learning about other cultures, and I firmly believe that my experiences and knowledge infuse my work with a unique perspective and sensitivity.

As someone who works online primarily, I am thankful for the freedom that such an arrangement offers me in terms of connecting with clients from all over Canada and the world. Indeed, in today’s digital age, the ability to connect and collaborate regardless of location is a powerful and essential skill – one that I am grateful to possess.

A photo of Cassie Amond, graphic designer and website developer at Diamond Creative Studio, stands outdoors infront of a cabin and surrounding forest. Her shoulder-length hair is lightly curled and she has a confident smirk on her face as she looks into the camera. She wears a light jean jacket and a gold and black stone necklace.

Our Team

Doug Harrison

 Graphic Designer 

Hello! My name is Douglas, and as one of the key members of Diamond, I am often the first point of contact for clients seeking our services. As part of a small but skilled team, I perform multiple functions, but I take great pride in generating ideas that can help our clients’ businesses thrive. I am passionate about what I do, and the chance to collaborate with clients and leverage my creative instincts is what brings me the most joy.

Like my colleagues, I relish the diverse range of projects we work on. Being part of a dynamic team that brings value to people’s lives by helping their businesses grow is both fulfilling and incredibly satisfying. As a creative thinker, I always enjoy the challenge of being presented with unique problems to solve and relish the chance to come up with effective and innovative solutions.

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