Cassie Amond


Wâciye! I am Cassie, a Moose Cree/Assiniboine/settler from Treaty 9 territory living in beautiful Bawating also known as Sault Ste. Marie. I am a multifaceted creative with skills in everything from illustration to handmade crafts to digital creations like logos, branding and web development. My passions lie in creating so I love doing a variety of work keeping life brimming with diversity. I also love learning more about my Indigenous heritage and working with other Indigenous artists and entrepreneurs. My art is very fluid and is driven by a whim. I love to use different mediums but my go to media lately is watercolour and ink. Sometimes I just make shapes with the watercolour and discover something inside those shapes and draw it in ink.


My artwork is an escape. As a designer I use my creativity to solve problems. When I am creating art I don’t have a goal in mind and can enjoy the process of creating without limitations. My work can be very personal and start as something for creative freedom and turn into something with deep meaning and a story.

artist reflection

A Cultural Community Hub

 The Indigenous Friendship Centre in Sault Ste. Marie’s mission and objectives were the inspiration behind the creation of this logo. The design features a teepee with the peak supported by 7 poles, representing the 7 grandfather teachings. The entrance to the teepee is guarded by 7 people, symbolizing 7 generations, with 3 of them being elders and the remaining 4 having feathered bodies, representing the 4 medicines. The floral pattern on either side of the teepee signifies our connection and harmony with nature and represents Woodland Floral designs.

I choose to take part in this logo contest to have the opportunity to work with an Indigenous organization in my community. Being able to create an Indigenous logo identity is an honour.  

MEDIUM: Digital Art


artist reflection

Two sides of the moon

This work is a reflection of a difficult time I experienced last year. This very personal piece depicts the sleepless nights I experienced and the loneliness I felt where I only found comfort in my dying elderly dog. Inspired by the woodland art style, I used bright colours to show how I now see this challenging experience in a new light where I have found strength and wisdom.

MEDIUM: Watercolour & ink



A growing collection

 This body of work is a growing collection of my artwork in watercolour and ink and beadwork. Many of these were experimental in nature, starting as shapes of colour and then illustrating what I seen in the shapes. My artwork is inspired by nature, my spirituality and heritage and I choose pieces that incorporated this in particular. 

 Through the INDIGital course I have realized the importance of taking time to make art outside of my work as a designer. By expressing my indigenous heritage and incorporating healing practices I am learning will help me release emotions and trauma through the creation of my art. This is important as I grew up without my indigenous heritage and it took me a long time to get the courage to attend events and even learn about my indigenous roots. I am also reluctant to share my artwork with the public. Opening myself up will help encourage my to keep developing my skills and pursue my dream of being a full-time artist.


MEDIUM: Watercolour & ink


Exploring my roots


One piece beadwork I am particularly proud of are my strawberry earrings. The strawberry symbolizes the heart and carries origin stories, medicine and good teachings.