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At Ontario Concrete we have been serving the Sault and surrounding areas since 1986. Quality and customer satisfaction has been the focus of our growth and appeal as our services have grown to include ICI and residential foundations of virtually any size and complexity, offering both conventional panel-formed foundations and ICF block foundations.

Serving Sault Ste. Marie for Over 35 Years


We offer a wide array of civil infrastructure solutions including but not limited to aqueducts and storm water management, splash pads, civic plazas, outdoor rinks, etc.

We also offer a full contingent of concrete flatwork services including broomed concrete, stamped concrete, cutting, densifying, and steel trowel floors up to 20,000 square feet per day.

Ontario Concrete has continued to grow, adding concrete etching, acid staining, concrete counter tops, and in ground pools to our growing list of residential services offered. And in recent years we have taken on larger projects in the institutional, commercial, and industrial sectors. Those projects have included Sault Area Hospital, The Train Station, The Downtown Plaza, and Civic Centre upgrades, as well as major construction projects at Algoma Steel and regional mine sites, and various local commercial site and civil infrastructure upgrades.

No job is too small, no job is too large, and we look forward to answering the challenge as we at Ontario Concrete continue to strive to maintain our reputation in Sault Ste. Marie and surrounding areas as we have done for over 37 years.

Since 1986

Since 1986 Ontario Concrete has continued to grow and develop under the direction of founder and owner Jamie Taylor. The progression of Ontario Concrete from a small company of 3 employees to its current staff of over 20 can be attributed to hard work and unequivocal dedication to quality. Through and through the organization has always followed the philosophy that growth and development through seeking out opportunity solidifies a company’s character and dedication to craft more so than waiting for a need to be filled. 

 It is this philosophy that has taken Ontario Concrete from a company which first began with finished concrete floors and patios to being the Sault’s first stamped concrete finisher, then adding concrete foundations, and later becoming the only certified provider of Maxxon self leveling floor underlayment in the Sault Ste Marie and Algoma region.

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