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Marianne Perry

As an author, Marianne wanted to showcase her work professionally and to authenticate her work as an expert in genealogy research.

Our Design

Showcasing an authors passion for travel and genealogy 

Diamond helped design her novel, marketing and website:

  • Utilizing her passions and making the links between her novel and her personality by marketing Marianne as a genealogist, travel and history author and blogger.
  • Incorporating her travel into her blogs and book to showcase her travel experience and her genealogy expeditions to uncover her past.
  • The front cover of her book is her own travel photo and supports the authenticity of how she describes the Italy landscapes.
  • Sharing her travel and genealogy experience as well as showing insight into how she wrote her novel.

Work was completed with Fuzednotions Creative Studio Inc.


I have been working with Cassie Amond for more than a decade. As an author, avid traveler and enthusiast in genealogy research to solve family mysteries, I had completed my first novel, The Inheritance. A historical fiction, the story was inspired by discoveries about my paternal ancestry as well as my exploration of Calabria, a southern Italian region and my grandparent’s ancestral homeland. Cassie was instrumental in the book’s design, promotional materials and marketing strategies. Integral to establishing an author platform, Cassie created and played a key role in the launching of my website. 

Over the years, I have travelled extensively, published articles in North American genealogy magazines and The Ontario Genealogy Society. I am in the final stages of my second novel, Before the Peony died. A suspense/mystery inspired by genealogy research, it takes place in countries that I have explored. Cassie has designed the book’s cover. We have discussed other promotional materials. She continues to maintain, monitor and update my website. I value Cassie’s advice and regard her as a valuable partner in my writing projects.

Marianne Perry, Author of The Inheritance

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