Print Design

Indigenous Friendship Centre

The Sault Ste. Marie Indigenous Friendship Centre provides cultural support and services to the indigenous community.

Our Design

A booklet enriched in culture

The Friendship Centre was looking to have a booklet made of their services and resources for the Sault Ste. Marie and Algoma indigenous community. A design that reflected the rich culture of their work was essential.

Diamond designed a layout inspired by the prevalent Ojibwe culture and art of the Algoma region. 

  • The design utilized images of cultural events, artwork and people.
  • A floral pattern was designed based off of the woodland floral artwork and beadwork of the Ojibwe.

concept design

Alternative design proposed

This alternate design was proposed in the concept stage of the project. This design drew inspiration from mulitple sources: the medicine wheel, Indigenous Friendship Centre’s logo and patterns of beadwork and baskets. The pattern design is a symbolic reference how the Indigenous Friendship Centre has brought the community together, connecting both locally and with the wider community of Indigenous people.

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