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Dan Pine Healing Lodge

Dan Pine Healing Lodge, a sacred space for healing and traditional knowledge within the community, sought a fresh brand identity that fully encompasses its cherished traditional ways and practices.

Our Design

Honouring the traditional practices and healing of this sacred space.

During the collaboration with Garden River First Nation, Diamond had the privilege of rebranding Dan Pine Healing Lodge. The objective was to create a contemporary logo that pays homage to the lodge’s indigenous culture and history.

To honor the lodge’s founder, Dan Pine Sr., a pine tree design was incorporated, symbolizing his legacy. Additionally, the logo features representations of the four sacred medicines, reflecting the healing initiatives and traditional practices upheld by the lodge.

As part of the rebranding project, Diamond also developed brochure and poster designs on Canva. This choice allows the lodge staff to easily update the information as needed, keeping the materials current with their evolving programs.


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